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Dwarka: Women making Lijjat papad for 43 years, watch beautiful video IG News

Hardik Parmar, Dwarka: DeA Mahila Mandal run Lizat Papad home industry in Salaya, a small port village of Vabhumi Dwarka district is crossing new...

Road Accident: A terrible road accident in Nizamabad..Three youths died on the spot..While going for divine darshan.. IG News

Road accidents have become routine in Telugu states. Reasons like speed driving, driving under the influence of alcohol, lack of sleep, wrong route,...
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‘Oh Mama’: Usman Khawaja After Holding On To A Good Ball; watch video IG News

Aussie batsman Usman Khawaja is winning hearts for a different reason altogether.Like a boy next door, Khawaja exclaimed 'oh mama' after surviving a very...

Waigivaminan winter shelter to help indigenous Londoners IG News

IG News Updates, Atlohsa Family Healing Services St. Joseph's is partnering with Health Care London to operate a temporary shelter for Indigenous people...

Police find empty cans of beer in a ditch, a reminder that impaired driving is unacceptable IG News

IG News Updates, Provincial police are reminding the public that impaired driving is "not acceptable"...

France to make condoms free for those 25 and under amid STD rise IG News

IG news Update, President Emmanuel Macron announced Friday that France will usher in the new year with free condoms in pharmacies for everyone under...
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