1.35 lakh youth cheated in the name of job. The young man had given the money on interest, now the agents refused to return the money IG News

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A case of cheating of lakhs of rupees with a disabled youth in the name of job abroad has come to light in Jeenmata area of ​​Sikar. Two agents resident of Patna sent him to Malaysia on the pretext of job but he did not get the job there. Now the victim youth has registered a case with the police.

Kailash, resident of Raivasa village of Sikar, has registered a case against Raj and Sahil, residents of Patna, saying that they have an office in Patna. On January 14, Raj called Kailash and told him that there is a multinational company in Malaysia in which about 5 thousand people work. There is a vacancy for packing work, for which you will get 2800 Ringgit Malaysia. Accommodation and Sunday leave will be provided by the company. Kailash told Raj that he had met with an accident, so Raj assured that he would get him some light work.

On Raj’s request, Kailash sent his passport to Raj at his address, after which Raj sent a visit visa to Kailash. And said that employment visa will be available on the second day of going to Malaysia. Raj did not send the ticket for 3 months. When the visit visa was about to expire, a ticket was sent on 18th May. When Kailash reached abroad, Raj’s associates took his passport from him. Raj came to know there that many people were already trapped. Even in the name of food, only pulses and rice are given and that too only once a day.

Somehow, after 20 days, Kailash returned to India after threatening to file a case in the Indian Embassy. Earlier Raj and his partner Sahil kept giving assurance to Kailash about returning the money but now they refused to return the money also. And has said that even the police cannot harm them. Kailash told the police that he was disabled and had also given Rs 1.35 lakh to Raj and Sahil on interest. At present, Jeenmata police have registered the case and started investigation.

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