10 rupee coins are not running in the market? Rumor or truth, find out IG News

Bolodabazar: There are rumors that 10 rupee coins are not circulating in Baloda Bazar town of Chhattisgarh. Rumors of non-circulation of this coin have spread to such an extent that for years merchants and customers have not accepted the 10 rupee coin.

Traders claimed that 10 rupee coins do not work. And the customers say that traders do not accept 10 rupees coins. News 18 spoke to customers and traders to confirm the rumours.

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On the other hand, administrative officer Roma Srivastava appealed to common people not to listen to rumours, rather than traders. In fact, circulation of Rs 10 coins has been completely stopped in Balodabazar city for several years.

Some have spread rumours, not many people accept 10 rupees coins. As a result traders are also not accepting 10 rupees coins. Customers also don’t want to take Rs 10 coins. News18 spoke to several traders. Most of them did not want to talk about it.

Not only that, the bus passengers or school students have also complained that the conductor does not accept 10 rupee coins. On the other hand, passengers also allegedly do not take the coins kept by the conductor.

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A thorough investigation by News18 has revealed that this is completely a rumour. Many believe this rumor to be true. In this regard, the administrative officer Roma Srivastava said, it is a complete rumour. 10 rupee coins are circulating in any market across the country. He also warned that those who are spreading rumors about this may be punished.

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