11 killed in Tollumullu Bagh to get free flour | 11 killed in Tollumullu Bagh to get free flour IG News

LAHORE, Pakistan: In the midst of severe economic crisis, 11 people, including a woman, have been killed in a stampede to get free packets of wheat flour announced by the government for Ramzan.

In our neighboring country Pakistan, there is a severe economic crisis. Here, the prices of essential commodities including petrol, diesel, rice, wheat have increased manifold.

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In this case, the fast of Ramadan, the holy festival of Islam, has started recently. In this regard, the Punjab Provincial Government ordered to provide 10 kg packets of wheat flour free of cost through public distribution centers to benefit the poor people living here.

Subsequently, there was a stampede and push to get wheat flour packets at various places in the province. Meanwhile, a lorry carrying packets of wheat flour to a public distribution center in Chambrial was hijacked by the public and looted.

So far 11 people have lost their lives in such incidents at various places.

In this regard, Punjab Chief Minister Mosin Naqvi said, “To avoid crowding, free wheat flour distribution will start from 6:00 am.”

“Ministers and officials should visit the public distribution centers and conduct an inspection to ensure that wheat flour is being distributed properly,” he said.