11 months old boy is sick. IG News

Baby Boy

The joy of the birth of a son did not last long for those parents. At the age of 11 months, Kangaroo’s parents became very ill. Not knowing what happened, he ran to the doctors. They begged to save their child. The doctors who performed various tests on the child found a shocking thing. The doctors who did all kinds of tests on the boy were shocked to see the fetus in the child’s stomach. This matter was told to the boy’s parents. They said that the embryo should be removed otherwise it would be dangerous for Babu. With the consent of the parents, surgery was performed to remove the fetus from the infant’s stomach. The doctors said that the child is now completely healthy. However, the presence of a fetus in the stomach of a small child is called fetus-in-fetu in medical terms, and experts say that such cases are very rare. The family members expressed happiness over the success of the child’s treatment. Thanks to the doctors. The incident took place in Changlong district of Arunachal Pradesh.

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