14 people were seriously injured in the attack of stray dogs in Adilabad district IG News

(K. Lenin, News18, Adilabad)

Dog attacks in Telangana are making people afraid. Tens of stray dogs are constantly attacking people somewhere. Recently in Adilabad district, the village lions went on a rampage. Stray dogs created havoc in Indravelli. 14 people were attacked at the same time on Saturday evening. Those injured in the stray dog ​​attack are being treated at the government hospital in Indravelli. As three of them were seriously injured, they were shifted to Adilabad Rims for better treatment.

Mad dog’s wild ride

The menace of mad dogs and stray dogs has increased all over Telangana. There is a fear in everyone that they will come from where they will pull the pika. Recently, 14 people were injured after being bitten by mad dogs roaming on the roads in Adilabad district. They lashed out at people in Indravelli on Saturday evening. A total of 14 people were injured, including young children and the elderly. At present, 11 of those injured in the dog attack are undergoing treatment at the government hospital in Indravelli.

Attack on 14 people at once..

Three of the 14 were seriously injured and were shifted to Adilabad Rims for better treatment. The people of Indravelli and surrounding villages are trembling with fear due to the attack of the dogs. They are trembling to come on the roads for work. On the other hand, as the people were troubled by the stray dogs, the youths of Indravelli town chased the dog with sticks and killed the dog. Even now, the authorities are begging to respond and see to it that the dogs do not harm the villagers. At present people are afraid to go out because of dogs in Indravelli.

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Four days ago

Village lions are roaring in Nizamabad district. They attack the people in the village and make people panic. Stray dogs attack people in Mendora mandal centre. Within an hour, 13 people were bitten and seriously injured. Two were bitten on the chest and two others were bitten on the face. Two of them were held by their legs and attacked by the dogs of four others. All those injured in the dog attack were immediately taken to the health center in Mendora mandal center. The doctor examined the dog bite victims. 8 people were seriously injured. Five others were said to be slightly injured. Doctors said that two of those who were injured in the dog attack will have to undergo surgery.

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