1509 Paddy rates 400 more than last year, 3600 quintals being sold, profit of 8-10 thousand per acre. 1509 Paddy rates 400 more than last year, 3600 quintals being sold, profit of 8-10 thousand per acre IG News

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In the grain markets of the state, the rate of Basmati paddy variety Pusa-1509 is Rs 3600 to the farmers. Getting more than per quintal. This is around Rs 400 from last year’s peak season. Till is more Last year it was Rs 3200 in peak season. Up to quintal was sold. This time the yield of paddy is 20 to 25 quintals per acre.

In such a situation, the farmers get 8 to 10 thousand rupees per acre. is benefiting. In the coming days, whether the rates of paddy of Basmati varieties will increase or decrease will depend on the Minimum Export Price (MEP). The central government has fixed the MEP on Basmati varieties of paddy at $1200 i.e. Rs 99,864 per tonne.

Paddy exporters say that if the government removes the MEP, the prices of Basmati varieties may increase further. Good prices can also be found for other varieties of paddy. Due to fixing of MEP, export of other varieties of Basmati including Pusa-1509, 1718 faces problems. There is no problem in export of traditional Basmati at the rate of $1200, but paddy of other varieties of Basmati cannot be exported as per the prescribed MEP.

  • Good demand for Basmati rice in foreign countries, but hindrance of MEP
  • There is good demand for Basmati rice abroad, but the condition of MEP is hindering the export. If the government removes this soon, the prices of Basmati varieties can remain good. Have demanded its removal several times.
  • Sushil Jain, President, Haryana Rice Export Association

Farmer said – the yield is also good

Farmer Jassi of Dhanauri village, who came to sell crops in Kaithal grain market, said that this time the price of 1509 paddy is better than last year. The yield and quality are also good. They had brought 1509 paddy crops of 4 acres. It is sold at the rate of Rs.3625 per quintal.

Impact of flood: Flood has caused considerable damage to crops in the districts known as the rice bowl of the state – Kaithal, Ambala, Karnal, Yamunanagar, Kurukshetra. Due to this, there is a possibility of reduction in the production of Basmati paddy this time. If there is a decrease in production, then it is bound to increase the price.

The highest production of Basmati paddy in the country is in Haryana. Last year, a business of Rs 35 thousand crore was done by exporting 45 lakh tonnes of basmati rice from the country. In the rice exported, about 40% i.e. 18 lakh tonnes was from Haryana.

This time there is paddy in 15.20 lakh hectare area in the state. More than 60% basmati varieties have been sown. Paddy crop is highest in Karnal, Kurukshetra, Kaithal, Yamunanagar, Ambala, Panipat, Sonipat, Jind, Rohtak, Fatehabad, Sirsa, Hisar.

  • Haryana has 40% share in 45 lakh ton basmati rice export.
  • Paddy reached the market of Kaithal.
  • Due to which the rate of basmati paddy is likely to be good

those 4 reasons

Elections next year: Lok Sabha elections are to be held in March-April next year. In the state too, the tenure of 5 municipal corporations is ending in December. Therefore, the government would like that if the farmers get good rates, it will help a lot in removing their dissatisfaction. That’s why the government will make efforts to ensure that the rates remain as high as possible.

Ban on export of coarse rice: Recently, the Central Government has banned the export of coarse i.e. parmal rice. Due to this, the rates of basmati can remain good, because the rice millers and exporters who do business of coarse rice will now turn to basmati paddy. This will increase the demand for Basmati paddy in the mandis.

Dollar value increased: Last year during the paddy season, the dollar rate was around 79 rupees. Now it is running above Rs.83. Exporters benefit from this, as paddy is exported in dollar terms. If exporters get good rates of paddy abroad, they will buy from here at good rates.


Recently, a memorandum was submitted to the Central Government regarding the removal of the condition of MEP. An 8-member team from the Center is coming to Karnal on Friday. She will talk to the exporters. If the condition of MEP is removed, the prices will increase.

-Satish Goyal, Vice President, All India Exporters Association

  • Rice exporter said – If the condition of MEP is removed now then the prices of other varieties will also be good.
  • The government has fixed the minimum export price of basmati paddy at Rs 9,986 per quintal.