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Manirul Islam, Uluberia: 17 embryos were found in Uluberia Dumping Ground of Uluberia Municipality. Sensation has spread over this incident on Tuesday. Allegations point towards private nursing homes. Pur and health officials went to the spot after receiving the news. They assured a full investigation by forming a committee. After receiving the report of the investigation committee, the officials said that strict action will be taken against the accused.

Local paper pickers found the fetuses in a garbage dump this morning. On receiving the news, the officials of Uluberia Municipality went to the spot. They brought the embryos along with the health department staff of Uluberia sub-district hospital. According to sources at the Municipal and Uluberia sub-division hospitals, ten of the fetuses were girls, six were boys and the sex of one fetus could not be determined.

[আরও পড়ুন: খেলা হবে দিবসে ‘শুভেন্দু’র কোমরে দড়ি পরিয়ে ঘোরাল TMC, মূল্যবৃদ্ধি নিয়ে তোপ বিজেপিকে]

Residents of the area erupted in anger after the embryos were recovered. They protested around the mayors. According to the local residents, a class of workers of Uluberia Municipality is connected with this incident. Such incidents are happening because of their direct or indirect influence. It is claimed that this kind of incident has happened before and it has been reported to the municipality. However, the protestors said that there was no solution to this problem.

Uluberia Municipality Vice Chairman Inamur Rahman said, “The embryos may have been dumped by a nursing home. We usually put the compost in there. But if someone puts it in a packet then it is not possible for the municipality to know.” He also said that the city officials will meet next Monday. An inquiry committee will also be formed. Strict action will be taken against the accused if the report of the committee is received.

According to municipal sources, there are more than 30 nursing homes in the municipal area. The dead fetuses are buried by the nursing home authorities in Shatmukhi Crematorium or nearby. It is believed that some people do not do this and put these embryos in packets and pass them in municipal vehicles. It is initially believed that the employees of the municipal cleaning department have dumped it in the dumping ground.

[আরও পড়ুন: স্বাধীনতার হীরক জয়ন্তীতে উপহার, এবার ক্যানসার-সহ ৭০ ধরনের চিকিৎসা মিলবে স্বাস্থ্যসাথীতে]

Meanwhile, the Uluberia Municipality has been accused of negligence in monitoring. According to several officials of the health department, the municipality cannot completely avoid responsibility here. Because they have to keep a record of how many babies are born or die in a hospital and report it to the health department. So in this case, the appropriate records do not have the municipality? So the municipality is not monitoring properly? Again after the recovery of 10 female embryos, the question arises, gender determination is going on freely in the private pathologies of Uluberia municipality area?

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