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20 GAPCO officials arrested for overcharging and embezzlement of tens of millions of rupees

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Twenty officials of Gujranwala Electric Power Company (GAPCO) have been arrested on charges of overcharging and embezzlement of tens of millions of rupees.

In Gujranwala it was revealed that the electricity bills went into the pockets of GAPCO officials instead of the national treasury. During the investigation, the FIA ​​arrested 20 GAPCO officials.

According to the FIA, the arrested officials include officials of GAPCO’s revenue and accounting branch. The arrested officials include nine Grade 17 and 11 Grade 16 officials.

GAPCO officials were called to the FIA ​​police station for questioning. During the investigation, All officers were arrested at the scene.

The FIA ​​said in its preliminary investigation An amount of Rs 10.5 million was revealed. The accused used to forge money deposited by consumers for electricity bills and put it in their pockets.

GAPCO’s officers’ association and union protested against the incident.

GAPCO cuts power to FIA headquarters and says FIA is bankrupt following Rs 100 fine.

On the other hand, 121 cases were registered against people involved in electricity theft in Lahore in 24 hours, 10 trades, 3 agriculture and 258 domestic illegal connections were caught.

Operations against electricity theft and overcharging are also ongoing in Multan and Peshawar.

Federal Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi ordered arbitrary action against officials involved in overbilling across the country. and said overcharging was tantamount to abusing citizens. The officials involved do not deserve any concessions.

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