257 killed in Mumbai blast: 4 wanted arrested IG News

257 killed in Mumbai blast: 4 wanted arrested

Gujarat Anti-Terrorism Squad has arrested four people in connection with the 1993 Mumbai blasts. The blasts killed 257 people. More than 1,400 were injured.

Abu Bakr, Syed Qureshi, Mohammad Shoaib Qureshi and Mohammad Yusuf Ismail, who had been wanted for the past several years in connection with the bombing, were rounded up by the police while they were in ambush in Ahmedabad’s Satnag area. Earlier, the Gujarat Police received a tip-off about Eva’s ambush. Subsequently, the four were arrested with all precautionary measures.

Evas, who hails from Mumbai, has been changing her name for the past several years and producing fake documents, including passports. He lived in ambush in various places. Indopol has already declared Eva as the internationally wanted person in connection with the Mumbai blasts.



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