4 killed in collision between truck and Bolero. Accident on Hanumangarh-Jaipur highway, 18 people seriously injured; were returning from a religious trip IG News

Sardarshahar (Churu)5 hours ago

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5 devotees died in a fierce collision between a Bolero and a truck. Among those who died, there were 4 women and 1 man. 18 people are seriously injured. The accident took place on the Hanumangarh-Jaipur highway between Sadasar and Savar in Sardarshahar at around 7 pm on Thursday.

After the accident, passers-by took the injured to the hospital in their car.

After the accident, passers-by took the injured to the hospital in their car.

Bhanipura police station officer Gaurav Khidiya said that in the accident, Kamla Devi (55) wife Bhagwta Ram Raika, Annaram (35) son Ratnaram Raika, Santosh (35) wife Tugnaram Prajapat, Monica (10) daughter Omprakash Raika, Saroj (28) wife Devi Lal Raika. Died on the spot.

These 23 people of Devasi family, residents of Rajasar Panvran Raika’s Dhani, were returning from their village in a Bolero car to Birmsar village of Pallu in Hanumangarh district by pretending to be Kesro ji Maharaj. At around seven in the evening, a truck coming from Sardarshahar hit the Bolero. After the accident, people passing through the highway took out the injured and got them admitted to the Sardarshahar Government Hospital in their vehicles.

People took the dead and injured to the hospital in pickups.

People took the dead and injured to the hospital in pickups.

7 injured referred to Bikaner
Among the injured, Pooja (8), Aduna (8), Sarita (12), Arushi (15), Radha (30), Dattaram and Devki have been referred to Bikaner. Apart from these, Kanaram (9), Motiram (8), Rahul (7) son Gaurishankar, Sandeep son Premchand, Bimla wife Gaurishankar, Purkharam son Goparam, Kanchan Uma, Monu, Lalit and Anita are being treated in Sardarshahar.

Police and administration officials present in the hospital
As soon as the incident was reported, SDM Harisingh Shekhawat, CI Madanlal Vishnai, DSP Pawan Kumar, Chairman Rajkaran Chowdhary, Deputy Chief Keshrichand Sharma, Madhusudan Singh Rajpurohit, former Chief Satyanarayan Saran, Jitendra Singh Rajvi, former Municipal Vice President Murlidhar Saini, Surendra Kumar Sarraf, Suresh Tiwari and A large number of people gathered including Rajendra Prasad Modi.

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