42 year old man dies due to electric shock. I was fixing the cord to light the house lights. IG News

Ashoknagar28 minutes ago

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A 42-year-old man died due to electric shock while switching on the electricity at home. The said person was installing electrical wires in the house and when he got an electric shock, he fell on the ground. The family brought him to the district hospital and as soon as they reached here, the doctors declared him dead.

The matter is of Phulwadi village. 42-year-old Lakhan father Banshilal Ahirwar was lighting the bulb to light his house on Monday evening. As soon as the string of the bulb was connected to the electric connection, the string got electric, due to which it fell down.

After some time the family members saw him and brought him to the district hospital but he died before reaching the hospital. The doctors declared him dead here. On Tuesday, postmortem of all the deceased was done and handed over to the family members.