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News Daily Digital Desk: High blood pressure means high blood pressure. This disease is rampant in modern life. One in four people in India suffers from high blood pressure. This news is not good at all on World Hypertension Day. So? Then you can make some changes in your busy life. Only then can you keep the blood pressure problem under control.

weight Keep as much as your body can tolerate. Exercise regularly Do hands-free exercise or walk for at least half an hour every day at least five days a week Body mass index should be less than 25

Stay away from salt. A hypertensive patient should consume only 2 grams of salt throughout the day. You can eat up to 5 grams Salt accumulates inside the arteries, causing the arteries to thicken and swell This is why hypertensive patients are asked to watch their salt intake. However, it is not always possible to measure the amount of salt so strictly. Therefore, normal amount of salt can be used in the patient’s cooking. But later, salt should not be given separately to the food.

[আরও পড়ুন:‘পরীক্ষা দিয়ে চাকরি পেতে আপত্তি কোথায়’, চাকরি বাতিল মামলায় ডিভিশন বেঞ্চেও প্রশ্নের মুখে পর্ষদ]

To control blood pressure problems Balance in food It is very important to keep. Include in diet vegetable fats, olive oil, omega oil (fish oil), vegetable oil. Avoid high fat diets, animal fats, oily foods and carbohydrates If you don’t have kidney problems, eat fruits and foods rich in potassium Don’t eat too much fried food and junk food

A major cause of high blood pressure is the rat race of modern life. stress Do what feels good to avoid Take time out of your busy schedule to meditate for at least 15 minutes.

People with blood pressure problems Keep them away from alcohol and cigarettes It’s better to stay. And if the age is 40, it is very important to check the blood pressure every six months or one year Headache, headache, dizziness are symptoms of high blood pressure.

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