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The students of the tribal girls’ gurukula school near Neravada Metta, Panyam mandal, Nandyala district, suffered severe illness after taking small ingredients. In the evening, the students who fell ill after dinner were taken to Nandyala Government Hospital. On Thursday, as usual, they ate charcoal as snacks in the evening. About 180 students were here and more than 160 of them said that they took iron tablets after having snacks.

The students said that they ate lentil okra curry and lentil rice at night. ate this food. But 50 of these students fell ill. The staff immediately saw their trouble and rushed them to Nandyala Government Hospital through 108. One of the students is in critical condition. The student is being treated in the ICU.

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The health of the rest of them is stable. On learning about the matter, the school staff, the principal and the Gurukula went to the hospital and observed the conditions of the students. Along with them, they inquired about the health condition of Nandyala Ardhivo and Tahasheeldhar. Students learned what they ate. Pud poisoned even students who did not take iron tablets, students said.

In Gurukula’s school, in Kasturba girls’ schools, the students became seriously ill because of the improper food that was given to the students. In a school near Itivalapatikonda, more than 19 students also faced serious problems after eating lunch in the school.

Similarly, in an Anganwadi school near Atmakuru mandal, a big accident was averted as the milk packets given to the girls were supplied out of date as they were rotting and smelling bad and the attendants at the Anganwadi center dropped them early. In this way, the students are getting sick due to the lack of quality of the food cooked for the students in the government hostels of the joint Kurnool district.

Only at the time of such an incident, the officials are somewhat hasty and leave it, but the aim is not to take any action to prevent such incidents from happening again. Even now, the authorities are responding and parents are requesting that such incidents do not happen again and conduct random inspections from time to time to check the quality of the food provided to the students.

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