6 Hong Kong journalists arrested for “spreading inflammatory materials”

6 Hong Kong journalists arrested for “spreading inflammatory materials”

Hong Kong authorities arrested 6 Stand News journalists on Wednesday on a colonial-era charge of “publishing inflammatory materials”, amid international concern about media freedoms in the city.

Police said more than 200 police, some in civilian clothes, were deployed to search the site’s headquarters in Kwun Tong District.

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An AFP reporter saw Stand News editor-in-chief Patrick Lamm being led into the building that houses the site’s offices, handcuffed and handcuffed.

Stand News is the second media outlet in Hong Kong to be targeted by police after the Apple Daily, which closed in June after authorities froze its assets under a new national security law imposed by Beijing to curb dissent.

Pop star Denise Ho, who was on the board of Stand News before she resigned in June, was also arrested, according to her Facebook account.

Very early on, Stand News broadcast live on Facebook footage of National Security Police officers standing outside the door of the site’s official, Ronson Chan’s office.

In a brief video, officers told Chan that they had a warrant to investigate charges of “conspiracy to publish inflammatory materials” and warned him that he should stop filming.

It was reported that the police had asked Chan, who also heads the Hong Kong Federation of Journalists, to help them with their investigations, and that he was not among those arrested.

And local media reported that others were arrested, including lawyer and former pro-democracy lawmaker Margaret Ng and former editor-in-chief of “Stand News” Chung Boye-Quen.


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