64 animals killed in barn fire in Mapleton Township IG News

IG news Update,

Dozens of animals have been killed in a barn fire in the township of Mapleton, officials said, killing 60 cows and four horses.

After 4 p.m., the Township of Mapleton Fire Chief Rick Richardson said that approximately 39 firefighters from six stations were at the scene.

Richardson said the crew was called to the fourth line in Wallenstein at around 2.30 pm.

About 39 firefighters responded to a fire at the barn in Mapleton Township on August 15. (Karen Vollmer/Present)

Firefighters from the Floradale, Drayton, Moorfield, St. Jacobs, Elmira and Linwood fire departments responded.

Fire officials said no one was injured.

Richardson said the fire is not considered suspicious at this time, and the cause is still being investigated.

Firefighters are expected to be at the scene for several hours to extinguish any remaining hot spots.

The fire crew was called to set the barn on fire around 2:30 p.m. (Karen Vollmer/Submitted)

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is at the scene to provide traffic control.

OPP said the cattle were in the barn at the time of the fire.

According to the OPP, the fourth line between Wellington Road 12 and Side Road 18 is closed.

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