68 Judges Interim stay case: Petition filed in Supreme Court- Dinamani IG News

Supreme Court

Many of the judges have filed a petition in the Supreme Court against the interim stay on the dismissal of 68 judges in Gujarat.

The Supreme Court recently hearing a case against the promotion of 68 judges as District Judges in Gujarat, said, ‘According to the Gujarat Judicial Service Rules, 2005, promotions should be made on the basis of seniority and merit. However, 68 people have been sacked against those regulations. Therefore, interim ban is imposed on the vacancy. It ordered that the 68 people should return to whatever position they held before their retirement.

M.R. Shah, one of the judges who heard this petition, retired on May 15, and the judges recommended in their order that this petition should be heard by an appropriate session.

Among those sacked, former Congress MP in the case of defamation of Modi community. Surat Magistrate Harish Hasmukh Bhai Vama who sentenced Rahul Gandhi to 2 years imprisonment is one of them.

Pursuant to the Supreme Court order, the Gujarat High Court issued a notification withdrawing the resignation of 40 of the 68 judges. Of the remaining 28 judges, 21 including Harish Hasmukh Bhai Vama were transferred. Meanwhile, his resignation was not withdrawn. It seems that his promotion was not revoked on merit. There is no mention of the remaining 7 cases in the Supreme Court notification.

In this case, many of the judges who have returned to their previous posts by the Supreme Court order have filed a petition in the Supreme Court stating that they have been humiliated due to the interim ban.

The Supreme Court said on Tuesday that it will hear the petition in July after its summer break.