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On the one hand, the society is breaking down due to increasing addiction among people, on the other hand, it has become a cause of conflict in the family as well. Addiction affects every member of the family. The worst effect of this is on the innocent children of the household. Innocent children of the home are the most victims of family conflict caused by drugs. A child, suffering from his father’s daily visits to alcohol, reached Kasya police station in Kushinagar and lodged a complaint in the police station.

The policemen present took Jawak’s words lightly but when he spoke seriously about his father’s drinking and subsequent family conflict, everyone was shocked. The police officer was shocked to hear the plea of ​​the innocent. The SHO, moved by hearing the plea of ​​the innocent, first arranged for her food, then inquired about her education. When Masoom answered all the questions, the SHO promised to bear the cost of Masoom’s education and also bought study material for him and dropped it off at home.

The father was called to the police station and sworn not to drink alcohol

In Kushinagar’s Kasya police station area, an 8-year-old innocent person approached police station officer Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari and made various accusations against his father. Bhole said to the policeman that the policeman-uncle! Papa drinks and makes a fuss every day. You close the liquor store. Then the father will stop drinking. Due to their drug habit, the whole family is having a bad effect. Innocent did not stop there. He further said that this is not only my problem, it is the problem of millions of children like me. Due to which I have come to complain to the police. The policeman became emotional after hearing the innocent story. He immediately called the innocent man’s father to the police station and made him take an oath not to drink alcohol while explaining. SHO Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Tiwari, impressed by the words of the innocent, listened carefully to all the words of the innocent. Touched by Masoom’s words, the police officer asked to pay all the expenses of his education.

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