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Unmarried: At what age should love happen, adults say. But.. now everything is happening only after getting older. Kalamahimo.. Speed ​​era is good but.. Marriages. This is an undeniable truth.. some surveys also prove it. Even after 35, some people do not get married. There is this special situation in some castes. Ways of choosing for marriage.. Aspirations of many people in changing life style.. Many more dreams are delaying marriage. There are many adults who can’t even get the virgin fruit.

Marriages are Made in Heaven. God knows that heaven.. unmarried bachelors.. bachelors are increasing recently. Some wait until they find the right partner. It is difficult to find a good relationship if you start trying to get married from the age of 20. Now according to the trend.. It is a fact that after crossing 28 they are trying for marriage relationship. A girl who likes more.. When she finds a boy, she is over 35. Slowly the wiser age wears off.

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This situation is especially seen in the Brahmins, Arya Vaishyas and Kshatriya castes. There are dozens of similar problems in other social groups like Kamma, Kapula, etc. Matrimony circles say today that marriages are not performed while parents are alive, especially among Brahmins. There are records of Brahmin parents also expressing their grief that they are not able to get the blessing of blessing with their own hands. This situation exists in the Brahmin, Vaishya and Kshatriya castes in the Telugu states. Even if they forget about the problems… even if they don’t care about it… they can’t have relationships.

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Also, youths are getting addicted to studies and software careers and are doing it after reaching 35-40 years of age. Sugar and BP already mean. As a result, they are not able to experience happiness except suffering from problems like childlessness. Because it is only at the age of 30 that marriage attempts start, and again, gotras, horoscopes and branches are important in it. All these will come to 40. This situation is more in the Brahmin Varna who gives prophecies and lectures.

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They talk about the dharma of Grihasthashrama, but now they are accused of not following it. If you look at some of the non-Brahmin castes, they should get married before 16-18, if they go beyond 25, it is like they are past the age of marriage, and it is difficult to find a relationship. By the time they reach 50, grandchildren and great grandchildren will also be adults. There are more than 40 Brahmins here, so there is an argument that the value of time and age (youth) is not known.

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There are ways to solve this problem. Parents and children’s hopes should also have a limit, time frame, practicality and realistic approach. Without any of these, if we keep waiting for a relationship to meet our desires for many years, then the virtuous period will pass. With time, age also increases, youth decreases and diseases increase. The spiritual path says that this clan will give birth to the next generation and will either be blessed to pay off the ancestral debt or be cursed by the ancestral gods and the race will eventually become extinct.

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Brahmin, Vaishya and Kshatriya girls should quickly experience the joy of giving birth to a child and becoming a mother. Whatever the reasons.. It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that the age of marriage does not exceed 28. Especially if the girl is over 25, she has to speed up the relationship. The adults say that it is enough for a boy to be under 28. In order for this to go smoothly.. we should put aside the promises, importance and unfulfilled hopes and look at the marriages of children with realistic eyes and bless them with our hands.

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