8,400 crore from GUVNL to various levels of defaulter consumers. IG News

  • Defaulters include industrial units, government institutions
  • An average loss of 37 paise in recovery from the unit price!
  • Due to various court cases, this debt got stuck

Gujarat government’s flagship energy company-GUVNL Rs. A whopping amount of over 8,400 crores is owed to the defaulters. This loan ends in 2021-22. New latest figures are yet to come. The debt is stuck due to various court cases. This borrowing comes mainly from industrial units, gram panchayats, municipalities and municipal corporations.

Average per unit of GUVNL is Rs. 6.64 against the accrued expenses recovered at Rs. 6.21, which shows a deficit of 37 paise per unit. Among the four government power distribution companies, PGVCL 54 paisa, UGVCL 47 paisa, DGVCL 33 paisa and MGVCL 23 paisa less are being recovered per unit. As indicated in GUVNL’s tariff petition before the JERK, there were a total of 1,65,69,082 consumers using government electricity in the state in 2021-22. Out of which 1,23,83,411 residential level consumers have an outstanding cost of electricity per unit of Rs. 7.89, but the unit recovers only Rs. 5.65. While the electricity provided to 1,47,565 customers of various trusts and hotels is 97 paisa per unit, the electricity provided to 20,07,985 commercial and LT level consumers is 41 paisa per unit, the electricity provided to public water works or households is 79 paisa per unit, it is being said that the recovery is decreasing.


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