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Bengal was deprived again. The state government complained in writing to the central government that Bengal is being deprived of kerosene distribution for ration customers. There has even been a demand to increase the allocation. A letter has been sent by the State Food Department to the Union Ministry of Petroleum. Food Department Secretary Parvez Amed Siddiqui sent the letter.

What exactly is written in the letter? It is written in this letter that less amount of kerosene is being given to Bengal than neighboring Assam, Bihar, Odisha. The central government fixes the kerosene quota for the states for three months. In the current financial year also, the three-month allocation for Bengal was 1 lakh 76 thousand kiloliters. But last October it was reduced by half to 88 thousand kiloliters. The allocation has been further reduced to 22 thousand 356 kiloliters from January. State allocations have been cut by about 87 percent. So it has been requested to allocate at least 60 thousand kiloliters.

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What exactly is the Kerosene Dealers Association saying? After this incident came to light, there was an uproar. Ashok Gupta, General Secretary of West Bengal Kerosene Dealers Federation said, ‘I request the central government to make the amount of allocation as before. Now the state will get only 7 thousand kiloliters of kerosene per month. A ration customer will not get even 100 ml of kerosene

What else is being known? The state food department has informed the central government that kerosene is very necessary for the poor people. Many people in the state are still dependent on kerosene. Despite the price hike, 13,000 kiloliters of kerosene ration was taken by customers every month in October-November. Sometimes the price per liter exceeded 100 rupees. So the price of kerosene should be much lower than petrol-diesel.

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