9 people killed in blast in India IG News

Explosion in India, 9 people killed

Calcutta (Daily Pakistan Online) 9 people were killed and many injured in a powerful explosion in the Indian state of West Bengal. According to Indian media, a powerful explosion took place in a factory manufacturing firecrackers in the state of West Bengal. The firecrackers manufacturing company was illegally constructed in a building in a residential area. Eyewitnesses said that after the explosion in the factory, the firecrackers in the factory started falling and exploding in distant places. The entire area was beginning to present a scene of war.

The intensity of the explosion was so high that the factory collapsed while the windows of the nearby buildings were broken and the vehicles were also damaged. 9 employees working in the factory were killed while more than 10 people were injured under the debris. . The dead and injured were shifted to the nearest hospital. 3 Due to the critical condition of the injured, there is a fear of an increase in the number of casualties. An inquiry committee was formed to investigate the incident.