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Noida- 8th standard student Rohit Singh died of a hard attack in Upper Primary School of Jalpura village of Greater Noida. This is a very alarming case, although the initial police investigation revealed that the child died of cardiac arrest. The deceased student Rohit Singh is 15 years old. According to the information received, the student Rohit Singh used to study in the eighth standard. He fainted while playing, after which he was rushed to a private hospital, where the doctor declared him brought dead.

According to information, Rohit, a resident of Jalapura, fainted while playing in school on Monday. The school teachers pressed the child’s hands and feet for a while and gave water to the child but the child did not regain consciousness, after which the family members were informed and the teachers took him to a nearby private hospital, where the doctors declared him dead. given

According to the information received from the school management, the student fell down unconscious after the school holiday at some distance from the gate. He sent the student to Ors. watered Despite this, when the student did not respond, the school teachers took him to the hospital. Meanwhile, the family members were also informed. However, it was too late by then.

The police have taken the body into custody and sent it for post-mortem. It is about Jalapura Village Upper Primary School. In this school, along with the student, his brother also studies in class VIII and sister in class VII.

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