A 6-year-old girl whose favorite climbing frame was burned by vandals, £2,500. collects

A little girl whose favorite climbing frame was burned by vandals at an Immingham playground is fundraising to buy a new one.

Six-year-old Pilgrim Academy student, Alicia Nicolau, has kept her promise to raise money for new sports equipment at her favorite Imingham Park after vandals destroyed it. A Walk in the Humber Bridge has raised nearly £2,500 after Alicia launched her own fundraising page and encouraged friends, family and even teachers to join in.

Last weekend six members of the Pilgrim Academy staff joined in, along with about 50 people from Immingham. They walked across the bridge and stopped to have breakfast on the way.

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Alicia was joined by her friends from Pilgrim Academy. Finlay Mountain, Cameron Dolby and Bethany Harness all supported Alicia as she enjoyed a very exciting morning walking across the bridge.

Alicia’s favorite climbing frame in Pilgrim Park was burned to the ground in May by vandals, and Alicia was determined to raise enough money to replace it. With her quest to raise as much money as possible, she featured on local TV and the media.

Alicia Nicolau was so upset when she found out what had happened to the climbing frame at Pilgrim Park that she immediately launched her own fundraising page and vowed to walk across the Humber Bridge and raise money for the cause.

“The climbing frame was my favorite part of the park and I used to play every day on my way to school,” Alicia said. “My friend Bethany and I pretended we were in a pirate ship and sometimes we played shops.

“I saw fire engines coming and when I was at my friend’s party I saw thick smoke coming from the park, and I was very upset. I love the park and I want them to be able to build something else for us that we can play on.”

Alicia’s parents Vicky Johnson and Lee Shakespeare are very proud of her. “She is a very determined little girl and it has all been her idea. We are very proud of her determination. We would also like to thank everyone who supported her and donated to the cause,” Vicky he said.

The team exits Humber Bridge as a spectacular turnout to support Alicia.

Pilgrim Academy Principal Andy Clark, who joined the family on the walk, said he was extremely proud of Alicia. “Alicia was determined from the start to raise money to replace this device and as a school, we are absolutely thrilled that she is a part of our community.”

On Monday morning, Alicia and her friends, Finlay, Cameron and Bethany, received a special headteacher award at the Assembly, in recognition of the work they did for the community and to celebrate supporting each other as a team. given. Mr Clark said: “We recently spoke to the children at Pilgrim Academy about our core values, which are centered on three key words – courage, kindness and respect.

Alicia’s efforts over the past few months have demonstrated each of these core values ​​- she is an inspiration to everyone in our school and wider community.”

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