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Some of the events that are shown in the movies are encountered in our lives at once. I know that movies are made of life stories but..I really have to say yes to what is happening in real life as shown in the movies. About 8 years ago, a three-year-old girl named Indu left her parents (Missing). Chittithalli, who was away from the burglars at that time, has now reached their senses through a TV show. Do you know where she is in the recent past and how she came to be in the care of her parents?

TV show that gives a child to parents ..
Pinnimoni Krishna and Anuradha from Kamalanagar, Hyderabad ECL have four daughters. There is only one child in it. She went missing from her parents 8 years ago i.e. on 3rd September 2014. As the child was not found, the parents complained to the police. They searched for her for many days. Relatives went to nearby orphanages. No trace of the child’s mother could be found. Relatives and parents searched for more than a year but could not find him, so he left thinking that he would not be found again. But the mother is waiting with the hope that the child will be found any day. Father’s Day made her 8-year-old dream come true.

Father’s Day
The comedy show was organized on the occasion of Father’s Day, a popular entertainment channel. Sridevi Drama Company, which telecast ETV on June 19, invited girls from Cherish Orphanage in Kismatpura as viewers for the entertainment program. The children’s introductory program took place after the Cherish Orphanage administrator spoke at the beginning of the show. Indu, who just disappeared from her parents 8 years ago, was introduced on the show as Sindhu. The parents of the child who saw the show on TV were fixated that she was like their child. Immediately contacted the TV show organizers and found out the details of where the children came from.

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The happy ending of the story ..

Then, with the help of Rangareddy District Child Care Officers, they went to the Cherish Orphanage in Kismatpur and saw their child. The child, who went missing 8 years ago, is said to have shown evidence of this. After examining the evidence such as the birth certificate shown by the child’s parents, it was confirmed that the girl was missing 8 years ago. According to the JJ Act-2015, the sin was handed over to the parents Krishna and Anuradha in the presence of the Chairperson, members and officials of the State Commission for the Rights of the Child. Cherish orphanage administrators and child care officials said they were “very happy” to have the child in the parents’ pocket.

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