A disease called Lumpy Skin is spreading among the animals of Punjab, increasing concern of the government A disease called Lumpy Skin is spreading among the animals of Punjab – News18 Punjab IG News

Lumpy Skin Disease: After Gujarat and Rajasthan, an alert has been issued regarding lumpy skin infection in Punjab as well. So far 10,000 cattle have been confirmed infected in the state. 300 animals are reported to have died due to infection. The impact of this infection is greatest in the border districts. These districts include Fazilka, Muktsar and Faridkot. After the alert, the department has canceled the vacations of the employees. Along with this, instructions to visit the affected districts have also been issued.

Increased concern of the government

After the arrival of this infection in Punjab, the government’s concern has increased. However, the Animal Husbandry Department has released Rs 75 lakh for essential medicines and treatment. Rs 5 lakh each has been released to the most affected districts and Rs 3 lakh to the least affected districts. The government has issued an alert to control the situation.

Animal Husbandry Minister Laljit Singh Bhullar has started visiting the affected districts. They have instructed the Deputy Directors posted in the districts to visit the big dairy farms and take necessary steps. The government has also said that the animal owners will not be allowed to face any kind of problem. All possible help will be provided.

What is lumpy skin disease?

This disease is spread by a virus in animals. Also known as nodular virus (LSDV). It has three types, the first is capripox virus, the second is goatpox virus and the third is sheeppox virus.

These are its symptoms

– High fever from 105 to 107 degrees Celsius
– Scars are formed on the skin, later there is a wound
– Saliva starts dripping from the animal’s mouth
– Most infections have been confirmed so far in cows

It is a type of virus. There is no concrete solution to this. Parents should keep their pets away from infected animals. Also, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and antihistaminic drugs should be prescribed on the advice of doctors.

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