A dog mauled a mentally unstable woman, causing a sensation in Karnataka IG News

Puber Kalam Web Desk: The mentally unbalanced woman was torn apart by a group of dogs. The woman died in the incident. The incident took place in Upinbetageri village of Dharwad district in Karnataka. According to local residents, the name of the dead woman is Mehbubi Nadaf. He is a resident of another village. On Tuesday morning, Upinbetageri was wandering around the village streets. Then a group of stray dogs surrounded him.

In this context, the local police official said in an interview with the media that the woman’s blood-stained body was recovered from the road. His body has already been sent for post-mortem. However, he said that it is not possible to say whether he died due to a dog bite, or whether the dog bit him after death, until the report comes in hand.

According to the police, the woman was mentally unstable and could not resist the attack of the dog. He could not escape from there. It is also believed initially that the dogs became violent due to his unusual behavior. But after the death of the woman, the people of the area protested.

The villagers demand that the administration should immediately take steps to prevent the violence of stray dogs in the area. The aggrieved have also demanded the removal of stray dogs from the village. Police have registered a case of unnatural death in this incident.


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