A drunken father who beat him and tortured him; Doctor’s daughter commits suicide; Mother worried IG News

Periyakulam: To prove that ‘drinking spoils drinking’, a practicing female doctor, wife and daughter, attempted suicide in Periyakulam after being attacked by an alcoholic father. In this, the female doctor was killed; The mother is worried.

Narayanasamy, 58, of Kaliamman Street, Lakshmipuram, Periyakulam, Theni district; He was working as a fisherman on a ship in Visakhapatnam, six years ago. His wife Sumitra, 49, and daughter Madhumita, 26, were often beaten and harassed under the influence of alcohol. Madhumita has been working as a trainee doctor at Theni Government Medical College Hospital for three months after completing her medical degree in the Philippines and passing the foreign medical degree examination.

In this situation, Narayanasamy, who is addicted to alcohol, has borrowed money from his wife and relatives and has been drinking alcohol. He has not gone to work for six years to recover, and for a few days he has been insisting to sell the house built by his wife Sumitra’s parents and give him money. In this regard, he has threatened to kill his wife and daughter; He is said to have beaten his wife and daughter.

Frustrated by this, Sumitra tried to commit suicide by hanging herself in her bedroom the day before yesterday. At the same time, daughter Madhumita drank the pesticide that was sprayed on the plants. Noticing this, Sumitra changed her decision and tried to commit suicide by taking a large amount of diabetes tablets she had with her.

Both the unconscious people were rescued by the people nearby and admitted to Periyakulam Government Hospital. Doctors declared Madhumita dead. Mother Sumitra continues to receive treatment. Inspector Jyoti Basu interrogates Narayanasamy.

‘Troublesome night’ for student; Headmaster arrested

Mayiladuthurai: There is a government aided middle school in Karaimedu village, Tharangambadi taluk, Mayiladuthurai district. Here, Samuel Chelaturai, 54, of Yadavar Street, Borayaru, was working as the head teacher. She told her parents that he had sexually harassed a schoolgirl.

Subsequently, the victim’s mother filed a complaint at the Sirkazhi All Women Police Station. The police arrested the headmaster Samuel Chelaturai yesterday evening.

2 youths arrested for killing old man

Thanjavur: Rajendran, 65, a resident of Natham Karuppur, near Kumbakonam, Thanjavur district, was living on the roadside in Kumbakonam Gandhi Park area. Yesterday morning, the public informed the Kumbakonam East police that he was found dead. The police reached the spot, seized Rajendran’s body and conducted an investigation.

While inspecting the camera in the Gandhi Park area, Rajendran scolded two people who were drinking alcohol at the bar.

It was revealed that the enraged duo, intoxicated with alcohol, attacked Rajendran and left him on the roadside. The investigation revealed that Rajendran was seriously injured and died. Balamurugan, 32, and Jayangondam Vignesh, 27, from Kumbakonam were arrested by the police on the basis of the footage recorded on the camera.

National Events:

The woman who cut her husband into 10 pieces along with her son

NEW DELHI: In New Delhi, police have arrested a woman who killed her husband along with her son, cut the body into 10 pieces and kept them in a ‘bridge’ and then dumped them in the dustbins at night.

Harassment of teacher: 4 students arrested

Meerut: A 27-year-old teacher working in a government school in Ratna Inayatpur, a village near Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, has filed a complaint with the police: For the past few months, four students studying in Plus 2 have been behaving rudely with me. They have taken a ‘video’ and posted it on social networking sites. Also, when I enter the school they look at me and say ‘I love you’ and disturb me. It says so. The police, who investigated the matter, registered a case against four students and put them in a juvenile detention center.

World Events:

Landslide: 21 killed including child

Milan: 21 people, including a three-week-old baby, were killed in landslides in Italy and Cameroon.

Telangana students drowned in American lake

Houston: Utej Kunta, 24, and Siva Kelligari, 25, both from Telangana state, were studying at a university in Missouri, USA. They went to the Lake of the Ozarks there on the 26th. Utej, who first jumped into the lake, went into the deep and floundered. Kelly jumped into the lake to save him. But, unexpectedly, both of them drowned. Rescuers arrived and found Utej’s body two hours later. Kelly’s body was found the next day.

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