A gap closing the canal gate near Adesar: Water flooded the fields IG News

– Police complaint of injury to farmers as millions of liters of water filled the fields due to the collapse of a 15 feet long gap in the middle of the night.

Gandhidham, dt. 28

The work of Narmada Canal, the lifeline of Kutch, has finally been completed this year after years of struggle, but this year there have already been 5 to 6 level gaps in the canal. Even before Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a meeting in Kutch, an estimated 15 feet long gap fell due to the filling of water when someone closed the gate of the canal passing near Adesar. Thousands of liters of water flooded the surrounding area and many fields. A complaint was lodged with the Adesar police due to the suffering of the farmers.

According to the information received from Adesar police headquarters citing the complaint of security guard Maheshbhai Chamanbhai posted on the canal passing near Adesar to Gagodar branch of Narmada canal, this incident took place at dawn near Adesar village. On the night of last 27th, the complainant saw the gates of the canal open, but in the middle of the night, some unknown person closed the gate number 24 and water filled it and the water started flowing from the fields due to a gap in the canal. Due to which the farmers suffered. It was also found that the gap has been closed by working soil in the canal by the present system.

At three o’clock in the night near Adesar in Rapar taluka, a 15 feet gap fell in the Narmadi sub canal, with thousands of liters of water being wasted and water recirculating in the surrounding fields. is

Who closed or made the gate? Police will investigate

Contacting the official of Narmada Corporation, he said that it is not yet clear why the gate of the canal was closed. A complaint has been registered in this regard and the police is investigating. The details of who closed or closed the gate can be clarified only after the police investigation.


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