A large amount of gold was caught at the Kolkata airport, 2 passengers were detained IG News

Digital Desk: After Kolkata station this time Kolkata Airport A large amount of gold was recovered from According to police sources, 7637.57 grams of gold was recovered from two passengers coming from Imphal from Kolkata airport. The current market value of which is known to be around 4 crore 57 lakh rupees. These two passengers were detained at the airport. Then they were interrogated. And from there it is assumed that this gold came to Kolkata for the purpose of smuggling.

Incidentally, the news of this gold smuggling was already with the customs office. Customs officials were monitoring the airport based on specific information. After interrogation, the two accused passengers were handed over to Kolkata Police. For now, the police have started investigating the incident. Where this gold was being smuggled in Kolkata or who is behind it is being investigated.