A live video of ‘Bhoot’ emerged from UP, a shadow was seen hovering over the truck IG News

Chitrakoot: A video is going viral on social media in UP’s Chitrakoot district. The viral video is being claimed to be haunted. According to claims, a ‘ghost spirit’ can be seen moving around in a white shadow on a truck parked in the city’s Galla Mandi. There is discussion in the district that this video is of Gala Mandi Shankar Bazar under Karvi Kotwali. However News18 Does not endorse this video in any way nor does it promote superstition.

In the viral video, it is seen that a shadow is moving on the standing truck. Along with this, a strange sound has also been recorded in the video. This 29 second video has become a topic of discussion in the district these days and people are seen making various claims. News 18 Can’t confirm what the strange shadow in the video is. The reality of the shadow seen in the video is a matter of investigation, but people in India easily believe in superstitions, especially those related to ghosts.

Videos of ghosts have gone viral before

Even before this, many videos and photos have gone viral, in which it has been claimed to be a ghost or spirit. In many cases such videos and photos have been proven to be fake. 7 years ago, a photo of a truck on the Udaipur highway went viral. which claimed to be the spirit of a woman, which was later proven to be fake. It was said that it was created through an app.

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