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BANGALORE – What can a sister do to save her brother? Gurdeep, who lives in Bangalore, has set her ideal before the world. Gurdeep has donated 68 percent of his liver to save his brother. Gurdeep risked his life to give his brother a new life. This sister’s work for her brother is being appreciated on social media. Thanks to Gurdeep, the brother has got life.

Two weeks after donating the liver, Gurdeep Kaur said, ‘Donating your organs is absolutely right. I knew that my brother’s life could not be saved without a liver transplant. After that, the sister has given a new life to her brother by making a decision with full consciousness and courage. This story of Gurdeep who maintains a relationship despite having two children and a husband is an important inspiration for the society.

His brother’s health had deteriorated in Dubai
In May 2021, her 44-year-old brother Jaswant Singh from Dubai developed mild fever and his eyes turned yellow. Thinking it might be jaundice, he went to the doctor, but his condition did not improve. At that time, the second wave of Kovid-19 was at its peak, so many flights were cancelled. Jaswant’s family brought him home to Punjab on May 19. But his health continued to deteriorate. The doctor then said that liver transplant was the only option left. So that his life can be saved.

Seeing the condition of the brother, the initiative of the sister
When Gurdeep came to Bangalore about his elder brother’s condition, she was disturbed. She could not stop herself and left to see her brother. She knew that she was eligible to donate her liver to her brother. Because the mother is old and Jaswant’s children’s liver is incompatible. She knew this. 43-year-old Gurdeep said, ‘I have two sons. One is 16 and the other is 6 years old. At the same time, the doctor assured that there is no danger to the donor and the liver will recover. That made Gurdeep’s resolve to save his brother’s life stronger. ‘My husband who is Subhadar Major. They were ambivalent at first. Gurdeep also said that he was ready when he finally realized later that I wanted to help my brother.

Web Title: Bengaluru woman donates 68% of liver to keep brother alive

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