A love story that started due to Bengaluru traffic jam is going viral on Reddit IG News

India’s IT city Bangalore is infamous for its traffic jams. Recently, torrential rains and heavy floods exposed the city’s tall claims of being the most livable city in India. But then there are also some funny moments that come out of these traffic jams and unfinished road projects.

One such story proves that the annoying and tiring traffic jams of Bengaluru can have positive consequences too. You will smile at this love story that developed as a result of getting stuck in traffic. And this love story has gone viral after it was shared on Twitter.

According to a Reddit user, he met his wife close to Sony World Signal, where they later became friends. He was leaving her one day when the construction of the Ejipura flyover forced them to get stuck in traffic.

They chose a different path away from the gridlocked area because they were both irritable and hungry. They went to dinner together, and from that moment their romance began.

Adding a humorous twist to his romantic love story, the author narrates how unfavorable construction conditions were in a city that served as an IT hub.

He revealed that the whole incident happened five years later. Despite the couple dating and marrying during the years to come, the flyover is still not finished.

A Reddit user from Bengaluru wrote, “I mentioned this in another thread, but I met my wife near Sony World Signal. I haven’t put the whole story there, but the gist is that one day I was dropping him home (knowing him only as a friend at that time) and we were stuck somewhere nearby because of the Ejipura flyover work. We got frustrated and hungry so we diverted and went and ate food nearby. Anyway, I have dated her for 3 years since then and she has been married for 2 years, but the 2.5 km flyover is still under construction.

On Twitter, a screenshot of his Reddit post was posted, which entertained thousands of users.

More than 4,000 people have liked and reacted to the post on Twitter. Social media users raved about the fascinating love story and described their own bad experiences with congested traffic in Bengaluru.

One user wrote, ‘May be related. That flyover is under construction ever since I lived in Bengaluru.”