A Mumbai team raided a factory in Gujarat and seized drugs worth a thousand crores IG News

Worli unit of Mumbai Anti Narcotics Cell has made the biggest disclosure. In the city of Mumbai (Mumbai), several members were arrested after busting an inter-state gang dealing in narcotics, drug manufacturers and illegally buying drugs. In which more than 513 kg of MD (Mephedrone) drugs (MD Drugs) have been seized. Let us tell you that the value of the seized drugs in the international market is more than 1026 crores. Along with this, more than 812 kg of white powder used in the preparation of MD (Mephedrone) drugs was also seized.

Along with this, more than 397 kg of brown standing stone was also seized from the state of Gujarat. A total of seven accused have been arrested in this case. Among the arrested accused are 06 male and 01 female accused. Out of the seven accused, 05 accused have been sent to jail custody, while the other two accused have been kept in police custody for further questioning.

A total of more than 1218 kg of MD (mephedrone) drugs have been seized from the seven accused. The value of the drugs seized from these seven accused is Rs 2435 crore in the international market. Apart from this, several types of chemicals useful in making MD (mephedrone) drugs have also been seized, including (1) 20 liters of bromine (bromine 2nd stage). (2) Mono methylamine 20 liters seized. (3) Abromine 485 ml has been seized. (4) Recovered chloroform (recover chloroform 20 liters) is seized.

The action has been taken at Ghatkopar-Mankhurd Mata Ramabai Ambedkar Recreation Ground in Mumbai, Shivajinagar Road No. 03 in Govandi and Chakradhar Nagar in Nalasopara West in Palghar district besides Ambernath Badlapur Road in Thane district.

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Drugs worth more than 2 thousand crores were seized

Mumbai Anti-Narcotics Cell’s Worli unit had earlier busted a drug factory from Ankleshwar area of ​​Bharuch district in Gujarat, Mumbai Police seized about 513 kg of MD drugs from here, the seized drugs are valued at Rs 1,026 crore in the international market. is And on the trail of this operation, drugs have been seized from other places. In total, more than 1218 kg of drugs, worth Rs 2435 crore, have been seized.

Names of seven arrested accused-

1) Shamshullah Obedulha Khan Age 38 years.
2) Ayub Izhar Ahmad Shaikh, age 33 years.
3) Reshma Sanjay Kumar Chandan, age 49 years.
4) Riaz Abdul Sattar Memon, age 43 years.
5) Premprakash Parasnath Guy, age 52 years.
6) Kiran Pawar
7) Giriraj Dixit (This is an arrested accused from Gujarat)

The Worli unit of the Mumbai Anti-Narcotics Cell has busted a drug factory in Gujarat’s Bharuch district. Police have seized around 513 kg of MD drugs from Ankleshwar area of ​​Bharuch. The seized drugs are valued at Rs 1,026 crore in the international market. In this case, the police have also arrested 7 accused including a woman, out of which 5 have been sent to judicial custody and two accused are in the custody of the Anti-Narcotics Cell.

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Ever since Mumbai police seized the consignment of drugs from Shivaji Nagar, the police have been busy tracing its source. Mumbai Police had to struggle for five months to catch this consignment. The anti-narcotics cell was functioning. On the 13th in a row, the team got a big success when a consignment was also caught from Ankleshwar in Gujarat.

Police believe this is a large interstate drug gang, spread across several states. These gangs especially target the youth. Let us tell you that these drugs are supplied in high profile circles.

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