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Tirupati Tirumala Temple is one of the richest temples in the world. Thousands of people visit this temple every day and the offerings and donations flow in abundance. People believe in God who gives what he asks for if he asks with devotion. Also, Swami Venkateswara, the avatar of Vishnu, who is known for wealth and wealth, is the Lord who overcomes the difficulties of devotees. That is why people visit Tirupati temple and feel blessed. From now on, donations will flow to this temple. Devotees offer offerings to the Lord. They serve their best. Amidst all this, a Muslim couple is in the news for donating a huge amount of crores of rupees to Tirupati Tirumala.

Donation to Tirupati Tirumala Devaya
Yes, a Chennai-based Muslim couple has donated Rs 1 crore to Tirumala Tirupati Temple. A news agency reported that Subina Banu and her husband Abdul Ghani donated such a huge amount. Also, the couple donated furniture and utensils worth ₹ 87 lakh to the newly constructed Padmavati Rest House in Tirumala. Apart from this, the same Muslim couple also handed over a demand draft of ₹ 15 lakh to SV Anna Prasad Trust, the agency said.

TTD Executive Officer AV Dharma Reddy formally accepted the donation. This Muslim family handed over a check to Reddy. Media reports said that Reddy thanked him in this context.

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The richest temple in the world
The Tirupati Tirumala temple, which is known as the richest temple in the world, receives an abundance of offerings. If the economically poor do a little service, the rich devotees give crores. In February this year, a 76-year-old devotee from Chennai donated Rs 9.2 crore to the temple.

Apart from this, a devotee of the temple died recently and it was in the media that her sister gave property documents worth ₹ 6 crore and a demand draft of ₹ 3.2 crore to TTD board chairman YV Subba Reddy. Now the Venkateswara temple is situated on the Tirumala Hill near Tirupati. It is located in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, about 600 km from Hyderabad.

Temple under the control of Andhra Pradesh Government
The temple is run by Tirumala Tirupati Devasaram (TTD), which is under the control of Andhra Pradesh government. The head of TTD is appointed by Andhra Pradesh government. The revenue from this temple is used by Andhra Pradesh government. It is special that Balaji of Tirupati has not only Hindu devotees but also devotees of other religions. Devotees of Venkateswara like Muslim Christians visit here and get the grace of the Lord.

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Even though there is animosity between Hindu Muslims, we often get such examples of these two religions being together.

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