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A new party formed for the political unity of Adivasis is preparing for the Lok Sabha elections.

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The Bharat Adivasi Party won 4 seats out of 35 constituencies (27 in Rajasthan and 8 in Madhya Pradesh) in the 2023 Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections held just two and a half months after its formation.

Leaders and activists of the Bharat Adivasi Party (Photo by: Bharat Adivasi Party)

When British rule in India ended We embrace a democratic system that says all citizens are treated equally. Everyone will be given equal status. Resources will be distributed equally. There will be relief from exploitation and oppression. But even after 75 years of independence, Adivasis feel cheated.

There are currently about 13 crore Adivasis living in about 25 states and union territories of the country. during the election Political parties make big promises to them. to look like them Great leaders will dance with them. dress like them Speak a few words of their language. And try your best to convince them. But after the election season these political parties Their government and the ‘mainstream’ sections of society look down upon them as anti-development, Naxalites, savages, uncivilized, barbaric, evil, monogamous. No one thought it appropriate to call them by their real name ‘Adivasi’.

The situation before these 13 crore Adivasis is clear – watch yourself disappear or exercise your constitutional rights. Fight democratically to preserve your existence and protect your rights. Form your own political party Send candidates to the Lok Sabha and the House that will work in the spirit of unity, togetherness and co-existence.

How did the party come about?

So activists in tribal communities cultural activist Linguists, academics, students, oral tradition experts historian And the tribes involved in these organized sectors across the country decided to unite politically. With all the uniqueness of India in mind. Thus, ‘Bharat Adivasi Party’ was formed and its foundation day is celebrated on 10 September 2023 at Tantia Bhil Khel Maidan, Adivasi Prerna Asthal, Dungarpur Rajasthan. Among the founding members of this party are Mohan Lal Rot (Chairman), Kanti Lal Rot. , Rajkumar Rot, Hiralal Daima, Dr. Jitender Meena, Maya Klasova, Dilip Bhai Vasava, Rajubhai Balabh Bhai, Ram Prasad Dendoor, Jitender Isalkar, Manilal Gracia , Mangilal Naama etc. are also included.

Adivasis from all over the country participated in this project. The founders of the party presented a political agenda to the country.

Firstly – a separate ‘tribal code’ should be adopted in the Census for Adivasis so that their tribal identity, traditions, totem system can be preserved. and proselytism was permanently banned.

Secondly, under the Forest Rights Act, 2006, 5 acres of land should be leased to all landless tribals in the country. Check claims dismissed by various state governments.

No. 3 – In villages with tribal population of more than 50%, PESA 1996 and Schedule 5 should be applied.

Fourth – The Forest Department should be abolished and the entire forest area should be given to the tribals for their maintenance.

Fifth – A share of the forest produce should be given to the tribes.

Sixth, reservation should be given to the judicial branch of the private sector.

Seventh The central government should immediately stop access to government services.

Eighth- There should be an integration of all classes of people in proportion to the population.

Nine- Attacks on minorities should stop immediately and

10 – The states of Bhil Pradesh and Gondwana should be established by including the majority Adivasi areas.

How do elections begin?

The Bharat Adivasi Party wins four seats in the 2023 Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections just two and a half months after its formation. It is contesting from 35 constituencies (27 in Rajasthan and 8 in Madhya Pradesh) Rajkumar Rot from Chaurasi Assembly of Dungarpur, Umesh Damore from Aaspur, Thavarchand Meena from Dhariwad and Kamleswar Dodiyar from Selana seat in Ratlam district of Madhya Pradesh. won the assembly elections The party received nearly 1.1 million votes, with four candidates coming in second and 16 coming in third.

The Bharat Adivasi Party is contesting its first election in Rajasthan in a situation where the BJP is ruling at the Center under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Congress is ruling the state. Bharat Adivasi candidates are contesting the election without However, Adivasi community parties have a strong presence.

The founders of this party appealed to Adivasis across the country and all those who believe in tribalism, progressiveness, secularism, have a sense of ‘we’ instead of ‘me’ and believe in the Constitution. The founder gave the motto-

“Living in someone else’s house Make his palace a palace.”

You have built your house. Make it a palace from home It’s a palace from a palace.

The 2024 Lok Sabha election process is currently underway. The party is fielding candidates on 28 Lok Sabha seats in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Dadranagar, Haveli, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Andhra. India and Assam 84 MLAs Rajkumar Rot from Banswara in Rajasthan, Prakash Chandra Bhuj from Udaipur, Mangilal Nanama from Chittorgarh, Jagdish Prasad Meena from Sawai Madhopur, Babita Kashyap from Khonti in Jharkhand, Charan Singh Dharwe from Mandla seat in Madhya Pradesh state from Ratlam Jhabua to Balu Singh etc. The list of main candidates has now been announced.

Consolidating the political leadership of the Adivasis, Bharatiya Tribal Party founder patriarch and 6-time MLA from Gujarat Chotubhai Vasava has joined the Bharat Adivasi Party. This is a major step towards tribal unity. Efforts are being made to create pan-India unity by coordinating with the tribal leaders of Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand.

The ruling party is contesting the elections under the leadership of the BJP and the opposition is contesting the elections under the Indian flag. But both are skeptical of Adivasi. Under the Modi government, looting of jal (water), forests and tribal land is faster than previous governments. Attempts to divide tribes in the name of delisting continue. Non-tribals are continually included in the ‘tribal’ list. But the other side is almost silent on these issues.

In this politics, the Bharat Adivasi Party is trying to establish its position independently and firmly. And the party’s dream of ‘Delhi Main Mari Gadi Hain Bhurtiya Naye Maan Re Naye Maan’ (Delhi is my throne, oh Ferangis, I don’t believe) ) ​​is trying to be fulfilled.

(Dr Jitendra Meena is the national spokesperson for the Bharat Adivasi Party and teaches at Delhi University.)

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