A part of the village’s 80-year-old dilapidated primary school collapsed. A part of the village’s 80-year-old dilapidated primary school collapsed IG News

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On Wednesday morning, a part of the 80-year-old primary school building near the Charbhuja temple in the middle of the village collapsed on the common road of the village. It was fortunate that there was no one on the busy road at that time. Otherwise a big accident could have happened. Villagers of the locality and village told that many times the PWD department and the old buildings in the district and tehsil fell into disrepair to demolish this years-old building. The villagers had demanded the demolition of these buildings. But the department has not paid any attention to this till date. Villagers Shyam Kalawat, Jitendra Patidar, Bachchan Singh Goyal etc. told that there is a temple near this years old building and the house of the resident villager.

There is traffic on this route throughout the day. Children also keep playing nearby. A major accident can occur at any time. The walls of the building are falling from place. In the morning a part of the building collapsed. Due to which people narrowly escaped. Bachchan Singh Goyal told that he was going to the farm with a bike. Then suddenly the wall in front collapsed. Stopped the bike otherwise a big accident could have happened. On the information of the villagers, Gram Panchayat Sarpanch representative Ramchandra Malviya, Deputy Sarpanch Jitendra Patidar, Secretary Kailash Chandra Nigam and Nodal Officer Gram Sevak Mohanlal Maru reached the spot and prepared the Panchnama.

A day before this incident, on Tuesday itself, the District Education Officer, who had come to inspect the high school, was also informed by the villagers about the said old dilapidated building. On which the officer was asked to inform further about this time. The wall of the old government school collapsed on Wednesday morning. Player. The wall of the old building near Charbhuja temple collapsed.