A sandalwood thief from Madhya Pradesh who cut a sandalwood tree from Vadodara University campus was caught IG News

Vadodara, dated 25 November 2022, Friday

A sandalwood thief who stole sandalwood from Vadodara University campus has been caught from Madhya Pradesh.

Gangs steal sandalwood trees planted at MS University, Kirti Mandir and other places in Vadodara frequently. Even three months ago, a sandalwood tree was cut from the university guest house area.

12 years ago, a gang was caught stealing cut sandalwood trees from the university campus. The police kept a watch while the details of the chief Sagarit being in Madhya Pradesh were revealed. A police team has successfully nabbed wanted Islamia Chhotekha Pathan (Chaturkhedi Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh) of this gang from Madhya Pradesh.


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