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Ahmedabad: A woman living in Narol area of ​​the city was living separately after her husband had a rift after marriage. However, when the woman goes to her husband’s shop to talk about reconciliation, he takes advantage of the loneliness and enjoys physical pleasure with her against her will. Not only that, he also committed an act against nature. The woman has filed a police complaint after repeatedly physically assaulting her even on the pretext of reconciliation.

The court ordered maintenance of Rs 7000 per month

A woman residing in Narol police station area has lodged a police complaint that she got married again in 2017 after getting divorced in her previous marriage. And after staying in a joint family with her husband, she came to live at Narol as her husband had a shop near Narol. Where as her husband did not pay house rent and son’s school fees, there were frequent fights and quarrels with her. When he called his Jeth, he would come home in the absence of her husband and look at the woman with dirty eyes. The woman applied for maintenance against her husband and the court ordered her to pay maintenance of Rs 7000 per month.

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The husband was enjoying physical pleasure against her will

However, her husband and in-laws also filed a complaint with the Narol police station asking for a divorce after quarreling with her. After that the woman started living separately from her husband. Due to the closure of the court due to the epidemic of Corona, the woman had a settlement conversation with her husband as she was facing difficulties in maintenance. Meanwhile, her husband would come home on the pretext of giving money and the woman would also go to her shop while taking advantage of the loneliness, her husband would enjoy physical pleasure against her will. When the woman asked her husband for money for her son’s treatment, he said, “I will give you money but you will have to have sex with me.”

The woman’s husband committed an act against nature with her

At this time, the woman’s husband committed an act against nature with her and said that by giving only 20,000 rupees, you can arrange the rest of the money. While the Jeth of the woman also used to come and physically touch her at the time of settlement. The woman reported this to the police and the police filed a complaint and started further investigation into the matter.

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