A strange case came to light from Indore, a robber bride absconded with money and jewellery IG News

Indore: Marriage is considered very auspicious in Indian society. In a house where there is marriage, the whole house is full of happiness. Be it son or daughter, there are so many tasks in marriage that one is busy day and night. A few days before the wedding, the Mangal Geet starts in the house of the bride and groom. Decorated according to the strength of the house. Rice dishes and dishes are prepared. So that there is no complaint from the guests. Also the bride and groom are eagerly waiting for the first night i.e. Suhagarat. Both are trying to make this meeting memorable. That’s why different methods are adopted. But if the bridegroom is betrayed on the first night of the wedding, what will happen to him? You can easily estimate it. Something similar happened in Indore some time ago.

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As part of a conspiracy to try to trap the bridegroom, the drama of the marriage was deliberately staged. The broker determined the relationship of the persons. Life took place on the fixed date, marriage took place. On the wedding night, the bridegroom was dreaming of becoming one with the bride on Suhagarat. There the newly wedded bride told that she has started menstruation. So she cannot have physical relationship. The bridegroom sang and went to sleep, his dreams unfulfilled. However, seven days later, the bride went missing from home. While searching, he reached the house of the marriage broker and found his wife and the broker in a terrible condition. When the whereabouts were known, all the people ran away.

The groom was not allowed to approach on the pretext of periods

According to the information, the marriage of the victim and the girl took place with ceremony. After the marriage, the girl did not allow the young man to come close under any pretext. After about 7 days of marriage, she absconded with gold mangalsutra, tops and silver ornaments and 3 lakh rupees in cash. In fact she was a robber bride, who would marry to raid and later run away from the scene of the robbery.

Caught having fun with Dalal

The groom and his family search for the bride when she suddenly disappears. Jewelery and cash were missing from the house. After that the aggrieved party directly reached the marriage agent’s house. Where the newly wedded bride was found in a bad condition in the same bed with the broker. Seeing this, the ground slipped from under the groom’s feet. Later the whole matter came to light that she was a looter bride. A police complaint was registered against all these. Police said that there is a big gang behind him.

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