A sudden phone call to the Chief Minister of Assam at 2 am! From the other side came ‘Shah Rukh Khan saying..’ – News18 Bangla IG News

Asymmetric: 24 hours ago said, “Who is Shah Rukh Khan?” And in the meantime, the phone came to him late at night. whose No, of King Khan himself. Assam Chief Minister and BJP leader Himanta Biswa Sharma said that by tweeting himself. Seeing all this, the netizens started saying again, “What, now you understand, who is Khan?”

In a tweet on Sunday morning, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma said, ‘Bollywood actor Shri Shah Rukh Khan called me around 2 am. We talk for a long time. An incident took place in Guwahati during the screening of one of his movies yesterday. He expressed concern about the matter. I assured him that it is the government’s responsibility to manage the law and order situation in the state. We will investigate the matter and ensure that such incidents do not happen again in the future.”

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