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P.Mahender, News18, Nizamabad

She left her husband for her own pleasure and had an adulterous relationship with someone else. She took her three-year-old daughter with her and went with her boyfriend. The butcher killed the three-year-old girl saying that it was an obstacle to their physical comfort. He was supposed to give rice to a child who was crying because of hunger and he strangled her in a drunken stupor. The butcher’s mother watched as her younger daughter was being killed in front of her eyes. This incident took place in Nizamabad district. The details given by Bodan ACP Kiran’s daughter are as follows. Devulla Sanjeev (27) of Kaldurki village, Bodhan mandal, Nizamabad district, Radha alias Rajitha of Nirmal, was left by her husband. She has a baby named Ammulu (3).

In the past, while working as a mason in Sanjeev Armour, he met Radha who was working there. The alcohol between the two led to an extra-marital affair. But both of them are living together in Sanjeev’s hometown. But in the night, Sanjeev and Radha drank alcohol in excess. Ammulu woke up early in the morning and cried saying she was hungry.

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Enraged by this, Sanjeev, under the influence of alcohol, severely beat Ammulu with a stick and strangled her to death. He took the child’s body and threw it at the pond. After another two hours he went to see if the child was dead or not. After confirming that she was dead, he threw the child’s body in the bushes from there. Came home and slept.

But as the child was not seen even at nine o’clock in the morning, the others questioned. Sanjeev says that this will kill him. On receiving the information, the police arrested Sanjeev and took him to remand.

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