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A truck driver from Manitoba has turned his passion for art into a new exhibit – CityNews Winnipeg IG News


The Manitoba truck driver-turned-artist exhibits his unique signature 3D technique at exhibitions around the world with an exhibit called ‘The World in Structure’ now taking center stage at the Steinbach Arts Council.

Growing up in Kiev, Ukraine, Eugene Kabrum’s passion for art began at a young age.

“I’ve known all my life that I can draw, make some pictures, I make some pictures every time at school, but it wasn’t professional,” Kabrum said.

Kabrum says he became more dedicated to his craft while growing up, even taking classes in Kiev and participating in children’s art exhibitions, until he moved to Canada in 2007 to become a truck driver, where he worked until 2017 before made a big change.

“I’m selling my truck and clearing my head and thinking about painting and starting to use foam.”

This original 3D technique has begun to attract the attention of art galleries around the world, including the United States of America, Israel, Canada, Russia, etc. The most recent exhibition, titled The World in Structure at the Steinbach Art World, which Kabrum says holds a special place in his heart, as they were the first gallery to give his work a chance.

“They called me and said to come, come and bring some of my paintings and in 2018 was my first exhibition,” said Kabrum.

Eugene Kabrum. (Photo credit: Michell Ringos, CityNews)

Now six years later, Steinbach Arts Council Executive Director David Klassen says it was a no-brainer to display Kabrum’s art again.

“One of the reasons we love Eugene is that he has a unique style and ability to build texture into these pieces and push them away from the canvas a little bit more,” Klassen said.

The stunning pieces aren’t just for looking at, or as Eugene says, for touching, because the Steinbach Arts Council lets you take them home.

“We’ve already sold some of his work because that’s what we do for the artist, we let them display it in our center and we help them promote their own artwork and bring it to the public,” Klassen said.

Kabrum said that he couldn’t do it himself, because otherwise he likes to paint, and he leaves the marketing side of everything to his son Dan.

“When he got into painting I was like wow this is really good and then we started emailing each other because my dad needed help getting pictures around galleries and we actually went in and I was like wow , not only having the pictures in Winnipeg, but now having him in the audience and overseas has been a really cool experience,” explained Dan Kabrum.

While Eugene is back driving trucks, he says his love for art will never fade and hopes to one day turn his passion project into a full-time job.

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