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Bihar: A rare incident has happened in Bihar where a woman married her husband (Wedding) to take revenge for her husband running away from another woman. This incident took place in Hardia village of Chautham block of Khagaria district, the new couple decided to teach each other a lesson by marrying the woman who ran away with her husband’s side.

By the way, Neeraj, a resident of Hardia village in Chautham block of Bihar district, got married to Ruby Devi in ​​2009. Four children were born to this couple. But for some time, Neeraj’s wife Ruby Devi was more comfortable with Mukesh and it is said that she had developed a relationship with him. Annoyed by this, her husband had advised her many times. However, she did not correct her behavior.

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They were in touch even before marriage

Mukesh is a resident of Pasraha village in the same district and Ruby was residing in the same village before marriage. She was in a relationship with him for many years and later got married again on the insistence of her family. After learning that Neeraj, a resident of Hardia village, had eloped with his wife Mukesh, Neeraj registered a case of kidnapping against Mukesh at the Pasraha police station.

Marriage in temple

On the other hand, a Panchayat was also held in the presence of elders in the village to find a solution to this problem. But since Mukesh does not agree to come back, Mukesh is ready to teach both his wife and Neeraj a lesson. Neeraj and Mukesh’s wife decided to get married and entered a new life on February 18 in a local temple.

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The woman who married Nadine!

Another similar case took place in Bihar recently. There was a rare case of a woman marrying her husband’s sister after having two children as a counterpart to her husband’s 10-year marriage. Shukla Devi, 32, was married to Pramod Das, a resident of Bihar’s Samashtipur district. Later, due to a rift between the couple, they separated from each other. Later, Shukla Devi claimed that she married 18-year-old Sonu Devi, who is her husband’s younger sister.

Pramod Das and Shukla Devi, married 10 years ago, have two children, and after separating from her husband, Shukla Devi married her own name Nadini six months ago and started moving in together. Besides, they are mocking all kinds of Shastras and traditions and living as if they want our life.


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