Aamir raped government teacher, blackmailed him with video: Pressure to convert to Islam IG News

Aamir raped government teacher, blackmailed him with video: Pressure to convert to Islam

In Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, Amir, accused of raping a government female teacher and making a video of her and pressurizing her to convert to Islam, has been caught by the UP Police. The victim has alleged that the accused was pressurizing her to marry her by blackmailing on the basis of the video.

According to the report, this incident is from the Kanth police station area of ​​Shahjahanpur. Here a 28-year-old Hindu girl is a government school teacher. In the complaint given to the police, the victim has told that it was 4th of May when she was going towards her house after finishing school work. At the same time, he found the accused Amir, a resident of Barenda village. The victim’s school was also in Barenda village, due to which she knew him. In such a situation, when Aamir asked her to leave the house, she agreed as a familiarity.

The victim was not even aware of Aamir’s intentions. According to the district’s SP Sanjay Kumar, when the accused was taking the victim to drop her home, seeing the opportunity on the way, he snorted her some intoxicant, due to which she became unconscious and seeing the opportunity, the accused took her to his house. After taking her there, he raped her and also made a video of it.

pressure of conversion

Aamir started blackmailing the victim by making a video of the rape. At the same time, including his maternal uncle, brother and sister, all started pressurizing him to accept Islam. After this the victim complained to the police. In this case, on the basis of the complaint of the victim, the police have registered a case against all the five under various sections including rape and illegal conversion. However, all the accused are absconding. A team has been formed for his arrest. The victim has been sent for medical test.


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