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On the one hand, if the propaganda that the Andhra Pradesh Government (Andhra Pradesh Government) is spreading with the schemes (AP Government schemes) is increasing, the light is dimming in the village. The reason for this is that panchayats are drowning in huge arrears. In East Godavari district alone, looking at panchayat arrears, panchayat raj officials do not know what to do. Dozens of people are struggling on how to pay the dues in crores. Dues of more than 12 crores are pending in the recently united East Godavari District Sector Peta Mandal. The panchayat officials do not know what to do as there is arrears of Rs.2 crore to the Rangampet panchayat alone.

After the arrival of Jagan Sarkar, village secretariats were established in some places at the village panchayats. Allocate bills for the amount of administration there. But funds are not being released. Despite paying some bills related to 14th Finance Commission funds, capacity is not enough. Due to this, the supply of drinking water and maintenance of street lights in the village panchayats has become difficult. In the past NHRMU funds used to come. But they are not coming in full now. This should be spent from general funds. But general funds have to be billed under CFMS system. General funds are going into the hands of state level officials. Due to this, even if we do any small work, the funds are not coming. Due to this effect, panchayats are making noise even for small works.

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The arrears of electricity bills that have come up in the recent past in almost all the East Godavari district are making the authorities tremble. Every year these funds were deposited to APEPDCL as usual. But after the YCP government came to AP, there was a problem due to the high amount of pending arrears. The Panchayat Sarpanchs’ Association is making a movement to release funds for the Panchayats, but the government is not paying attention.

The Sarpanchula Sangam, which has met in the capital city of Amaravati, is warning that if the bills are not paid, the movement will be lost. However, there was no response from the government. Even now, if the government does not respond to the pending arrears, they are worried that it will be a tough time for them.

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