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London: British actor Hugh Grant claims that reporters… Sunday A man who used private investigators to tap his phone and burgle his home can proceed to trial, but his allegations of voicemail interception came too late, London’s High Court ruled on Friday.

Grant, along with Prince Harry, the son of King Charles, is suing newspapers from Rupert Murdoch’s news group for allegedly gathering illegal information on behalf of its tabloids. it was done. Sunday,

Prince William took ‘huge sum’ from Murdoch group to settle phone hacking claim

Judge Timothy Fancourt said in a written ruling Friday that Grant’s allegations of voicemail interception — widely known as “phone-hacking” — were outside the six-year time limit for legal action.

But the judge said whether Grant’s allegations of “landline tapping, bugging, blogging, theft and instructing private investigators to do any of those things” were brought up too late would be determined at a trial scheduled for January 2024. should be done.

A spokeswoman for NGN said the publisher was pleased that Grant’s phone hacking claim was being upheld. Sunday was thrown out by the court.

“The NGN strongly denies the various historical allegations of illegal information gathering contained in the remains of Mr Grant’s claim,” it added.

Grant said in a statement: “I am delighted that my case will be allowed to go to trial, which I have always wanted – because it is essential that the truth comes out about the activities of”. Sun,

“As my case makes clear, the allegations are far broader and deeper than voicemail interception.”

The NGN also asked the judge to dismiss Harry’s suit during a hearing in April, but a decision on his case is not expected until after further hearings in July, at which Harry is expected to agree to an alleged “secret agreement”. Will ask permission to trust. Senior dignitaries at Buckingham Palace and NGN.

press reform campaigner

Grant – best known for film comedies such as ‘Love Actually’ and ‘Notting Hill’ – has become a leading campaigner on press reform since the phone-hacking scandal broke.

He previously filed a lawsuit against NGN in relation to the now-controversial news of the world The newspaper, which was established in 2012.

His latest lawsuit alleges Sun reporters used private investigators to tap his landline phone, place listening and tracking devices on his home and car, break into his property and fraudulently obtain his personal information Did.

NGN denied the allegations and its lawyers argued at an April hearing that it was “unrealistic” for Grant not to have known enough about Sun previously to bring suit.

Friday’s ruling comes amid ongoing litigation regarding allegations of illegal information gathering brought by Harry and others against Mirror Group Newspapers, the publisher. daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror And sunday people, MGN strongly denies the allegations.

Prince Harry calls tabloid reporters ‘criminals’

Harry is due to testify in person in early June, the first British royal to do so since the 19th century.