Adeno virus is not unnecessary panic, what to do people advisory health department IG News

Puber’s Pen Correspondent: The cases of children suffering from fever, cold, respiratory problems are increasing gradually across the state. The health department is taking various steps to deal with the situation. However, apart from taking these measures, the health department also gave advisory on what to do to the general public.

The Health Department’s advisory for the general public states: Children get throat and chest infections from various viruses during this season. Currently, that disease is happening to a greater extent. So don’t panic at the thought of adenovirus. Follow the precautions.

How to prevent:

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap. Get the kids used too.
  • After coming outside, change your clothes and wash your hands before approaching children.
  • It is better to keep children away from crowds. However, if you want to go, everyone will use a mask.
  • Cover your mouth with a handkerchief or your elbow when coughing or sneezing. Do not cough or spit anywhere.
  • Take special care with babies who have a serious congenital disorder or malnutrition.

What to do in case of illness:

  • Do not send sick children to school.
  • If an adult is infected, he should stay away from children, elderly, pregnant women.
  • Gargle with mild warm salt-water. Give light warm drinks frequently in small children.
  • Basak, honey, ginger, tulsi, cloves reduce cough or help to thin phlegm.
  • If you have phlegm in the chest, you should not take cough syrups that contain antihistamines.

Apart from medical colleges, all district, sub-divisional, state general hospitals have paediatricians. Take the child there if necessary.


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