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Aditi Rao comes out in support of Sharman Sehgal.

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Indian actress Aditi Rao has come out in support of co-star Sharmaine Sehgal after she was criticized for her performance in web series Hiramandi.

Aditi Rao played the role of Babu Jaan in the web series Hiramandi. He received appreciation for his excellent performance. But the web series has received mixed responses on social media.

When asked about her opinion on trolling Sharmaine Sehgal, her co-star in Hiramandi, Aditi Rao responded by saying that it is completely inappropriate to criticize anyone.

She said, “I know some people like someone’s performance. But some people don’t like it. But constantly criticizing artists is not the right thing to do. And it shouldn’t have happened.”

The actress added that this all looks terrible to me. I think we should all understand and support each other in this matter.

It may be recalled that Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s niece Sharmain played the role of Alamzeb in Heera Mandi. She faced a lot of criticism from fans regarding her performance as she had to close the comment section on her Instagram.

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