HomeBusinessAdnan Afzal Chatta of PML-N wins Wazirabad by-election.

Adnan Afzal Chatta of PML-N wins Wazirabad by-election.

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City 42: In the by-elections of the Punjab Constituency Council PP 36, Muslim League-N wins the battle. Sunni Unity Council candidates face defeat. This seat is vacant by an independent candidate. Tehreek-e-Insaf But the powerful candidate of the PTI and the Sunni Ittehad council failed to take back this seat in the by-elections.

Inconclusive and unofficial results of all polling stations of the by-elections in Wazirabad PP 36 constituency have been received. Adnan Afzal Chatta of PML-N was declared successful with 74,779 votes. Fayaz Chatta of Sunni Council. Ittehad came in second place with 58682 votes. Baisarat Ali from Tehreek-e-Labaik. Came in third place with 2,547 votes.

Parliament 36 has a total of 185 polling stations and the number of voters is 300,000, 18,000 544 people.

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